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CertPhlebotomyTraining.com is a website dedicated to entry level phlebotomist. The site is maintained and run by certified phlebotomist. We want to share all the information and resources so you can get started in the career of phlebotomist. We have provided list of schools and organizations where you can get your training. We have tried our best to give the most up to date information however some schools may change their programs so make sure you drop us an email if you are having issues with some of the colleges.

Certification process can be different for each person, we highly recommend you contact us and tell us a little about your past career in order to get best guidance. For most phlebotomist a entry level in Medical Assisting is the best way to get started, for others who have prior knowledge the path they take could vary significantly.

We hope we can double the number of phlebotomist across USA in coming years.


CertPhlebotomyTraining Team


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