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04 Fools Inverted: Not sure of a Sit Day time

Not sure of a lie: quite possibly my favorite phrase from your Canadian friends up north. Since today is a day many people devote to fooling others, I believed I’d mix up a bit and air some of my own Red Cross-related secrets for the world to find out. Yes, these are all of the honest reality.

(Credit to a friend Robin with regard to putting the idea during my head about using a day dedicated to the opposite involving April Fool’s. I believe it’s amazing. )

donating blood

one The most attractive part of donating blood to me could be the chance to portion off a break in the center of a single day. Doing good and helping somebody in need is excellent, but on the purely selfish stage, I rather just like the excuse to leave my desk and sit in a cozy chair with a quilt and just concentrate on bleeding into a bag. Thanks to the excellent phlebotomists at our donation middle, the experience happens to be quick and easy – making it more likely that I’ll want to maintain giving. Win/win.

2 . I’m an earthquake newbie, and I kind of want to experience one so I can test my own skills. At the Red Mix, we all eventually start to understand the preparedness and security tips by heart. In 2011, the DIGICAM area experienced the largest earthquake in the area with regard to 100+ years. I was actually at the beach in the Outer Banks at that time enjoying my own vacation, and so i completely missed this. Luckily, the actual earthquake didn’t cause common damage and all of my friends and family had been just fine. Many people said that when the quake happened, they stopped; even my colleagues who were at the office at that time experienced several hesitation. A tiny part of me personally really wishes which i had actually experienced DC and so i could test my own earthquake survival skills.

3. My favorite component of my job is reading the occasional amusing Red Cross-related tweet. Being a social engagement teammate, I try to stay on best of what people are saying about topics the Red Cross cares about every day. I’ve had many literal LOL moments in the office whenever reading mentions of Red Cross online. We all deal with a lot of serious topics that sometimes a little bit of laughter can go a considerable ways. Maintain it coming, people!

4. Walking the walk is much harder compared to I thought it could be. As mentioned above, I understand lots of preparedness and safety tips by heart. However , I still struggle with sustaining a good emergency kit in my house. Lately, I tweeted concerning this using the hashtag #prepconfessions to get myself motivated to do something about this. I did come away from the conversations I had with some new concepts, however – hopefully this means that I’ll finally fill out my own emergency kit with some food and resources that can help whenever disaster strikes.

One particular revelation that I’m likely to try out:

5. The coolest component of my recent walk around Clara Barton’s house in Glen Replicate, MD is the painting of her cat in the dining room. Exactly what do My answer is, I really like pet cats.

Tommy the cat, preserved in painting for eternity.

Pleased April, everybody!


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