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May 14

What can cause Anemia?

One of the most common problems in pediatrics can be anemia. It is defined as “ a lesser than normal value for the related measurements of hemoglobin, hematocrit, plus number of red blood cells”, generally 2 standard deviations below the standard for age. Normal hematological ideals change with age. For a debate of which values are used click here. The most common type of anemia in childhood is certainly iron deficiency which is commonly brought on by inadequate stores (e. g. early infant), inadequate intake (e. gary the gadget guy. poor nutrition) or blood loss (e. g. menses). Anemia screening is definitely recommended at age 9-12 months, as well as for adolescent males and females during routine health examinations. As iron deficiency is among the most common cause, often a trial of therapeutic iron (2-6 mg/kg/day of element…

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Apr 22

Trends in Laboratory Utilization

Laboratory utilization is definitely a hot topic within clinical laboratory medicine, but what’s all the buzz about? Laboratory utilization encompasses a number of efforts aimed at handling laboratory resources and improving affected person care. Many laboratory utilization applications have proven to dramatically decrease clinical laboratory spending. Likewise, many have got proven to benefit patient care simply by decreasing blood loss due to phlebotomy, reducing the risk of spurious results, and assisting to get the right test for the right patient at the right time. (Source: Clinical Microbiology Newsletter)

Oct 31

Iron Homeostasis in Pregnancy, the Fetus, and the Neonate

The master iron regulator, hepcidin, controls maternal-fetal iron metabolism. In the last trimester, fetal liver hepcidin normally signals to the mother to increase maternal iron assimilation sixfold to meet needs for fetal growth. Eighty percent of this placental-fetal iron transfer occurs during the last trimester, and preterm infants, without benefit of the third trimester of gestation, have got poorer fetal iron endowment. Fifty percent of the iron needed for postnatal infant growth exists at normal term birth, but maternal conditions for example diabetes, obesity, or placental dysfunction can disrupt iron supply, while postnatal phlebotomy volumes promote reduction and erythropoietic-stimulating agents increase need. Delayed umbilical cord clamping boosts erythrocyte (and, thus, iron) endowment….

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Jul 18

Alcohol and drug screening lab has fourth C. Fla. site in the works

Arcpoint Labs keeps growing in Central Florida with three facilities open, a fourth on the way, plus opportunities for more locations. The Greenville, S. C. -based drug and alcohol testing lab opened a new franchised place in Kissimmee last week. The laboratory also has facilities in Altamonte Suspension systems, south of downtown Orlando and on the west side of Orlando, florida, which are run by another franchise group. The four locations created around 15 jobs, including nurses, phlebotomists and medical assistants. Another… (Source: bizjournals. com Health Care: Biotechnology headlines)

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Jul 01

Practical Product Reviews July 2016

Comfort, Safety & Support
Luckily, it’s a rare shift for many within EMS when you’re on your feet the whole period. But it’s all too common for all of us to have to deal with rugged terrains, rickety stairs and slippery surfaces. To be able to work safely in these conditions, you’ll want footwear that offers comfort, protection plus support. The new Side Zip Duty Boot from First Tactical has a wider forefoot that feels more like an athletic shoe than a responsibility boot, making them comfortable right out from the box. The boots are available in 6" and 8" heights and offer a composite safety toe or a water-resistant membrane lining as customizable options. VITALS
Height: 6" and 8"
Width: Regular, wide
Sizes: Men’s: 6-12, 13, 14, 15
Women’s: 5-10
Color: Black
Price: $79. 99-99. 99

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Jun 16

Nigeria: Students Asked to Donate Blood to Patients

[Daily Trust] Bida -Chief Phlebotomist of National Blood Transfusion Services (NBTS), Mr. Uba Samson, has urges students to donate bloodstream to patients. (Source: AllAfrica Information: Health and Medicine)

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Apr 11

Private hospitals in Three States Offer Individuals Free Medical Laboratory Tests Subsequent Arrest of Surgical Technician designed for Allegedly Stealing Fentanyl from Operating Room

A 1999 case involving California phlebotomist charged along with reusing needles resulted in similar popular testing of thousands of patients Due to possible exposure to HIV, hepatitis M, and hepatitis C from a health care worker, thousands of patients treated in multiple hospitals in different states are being offered free clinical laboratory assessment. This situation is attracting […] (Source: Dark Daily)

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Sep 08

Bone fragments fracture, a blessing in conceal

Beyond their blue eyes and big huge smiles, Blake and Kayla Spellman discuss a unique, hidden bond.
In February of 2014, 15 months after curious and fun-loving Blake was born, there is something amiss. He was keeping his arm as if in a sling and his parents didn’t know exactly why. Seeking an explanation, the Spellmans required Blake to see his pediatrician.
“After the doctor came back from viewing an x-ray, you could just tell she was concerned, beyond an obvious broken wrist, ” says Blake’s dad Dan. “She ended up recommending we take him right to Boston Children’ s Hospital. ”
At the Emergency Department at Boston Children’s, Blake was referred to Orthopedics and then in order to Endocrinology, where he was seen simply by Dr . Nina Ma, a pediatric endocrinologist and director of the Bone fragments Health Progr…

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Aug 24

Emulating Uber and Lyft, New Phlebotomy Company Wants to Bring Innovation towards the Way Clinical Pathology Laboratory Specimens Are Collected and Transported

In just eight months, Iggbo claims to have 4, 000 phlebotomists participating and is now operating in 18 states Even as Uber and Lyft are bringing a new business model towards the taxicab business, a group of entrepreneurs within Virginia want to do the same thing to the phlebotomy services offered by clinical laboratories. Given that launching […] (Source: Dark Daily)

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Dec 01

Probably the most Celebrated, Mistrusted Little Pill on earth Two Old Friends Debate The Daily Drug That Could Revolutionize HIV Prevention

Longtime friends Peter Staley, left, and Sean Strub create for a portrait in Strub’s house in Milford, Pennsylvania. Truvada, the HIV preventive drug, sits available before them. (Photo by Damon Dahlen) Downtown Milford, population 1, 021, is a picturesque street encircled by forested hills. In the drop, sheafs of dried autumn hammer toe decorate the lampposts; pumpkins sit outside shops with wooden signs. Prominent AIDS activist Sean Strub first came to the Pennsylvania city in 1996, looking for a quiet place to recoup from his long and brutal illness. He’d begun a recently approved regimen of 16 pills a day — the most effective therapy for HIV ever discovered to that point. He acclimated nicely to Milford, planning for a future he hadn’t always thought he’d live to find out. He helped sta…

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