43654ko Bloodbot, The Bright Future of Phlebotomy?
Here is a project from the folks at the Department of Mechanical Architectural at Imperial College London, and its Mechatronics in Medicine Laboratory, that are bent on developing an “active robot designed to take blood samples in the ante-cubital fossa…”

The Bloodbot identifies the location of a suitable vein by pressing the probe against the surface tissue from the ante-cubital fossa and measuring the force on the probe. The difference in the characteristics of the tissue from its environment, in response to the applied force, indicates the presence of a vein.
Every suitable vein has been found, this inserts a needle under pressure control. When the needle penetrates the vein (identified by its force/position profile), the control system helps prevent further insertion, thus avoiding overshooting the vein.

We think they need to combine this automatic robot with VeinViewer for a more accurate, plus probably spookier, experience.
The particular Bloodbot Project…
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(hat tip: DVICE)