Sep 08

Bone fragments fracture, a blessing in conceal

Beyond their blue eyes and big smiles, Blake plus Kayla Spellman share a unique, concealed bond.
In February of 2014, 15 months after inquisitive and fun-loving Blake was born, there was something amiss. He was holding his supply as if in a sling and his mothers and fathers didn’t know why. Seeking evidence, the Spellmans took Blake to find out his pediatrician.
“After the doctor came back from viewing an x-ray, you could just tell she was worried, beyond an obvious broken wrist, ” says Blake’s dad Dan. “She ended up recommending we take your pet right to Boston Children’ s Hospital. ”
At the Emergency Department with Boston Children’s, Blake was known Orthopedics and then to Endocrinology, where he was seen by Dr . Nina Ma, a pediatric endocrinologist plus director of the Bone Health Progr…

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