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Aug 24

Emulating Uber and Lyft, New Phlebotomy Company Wants to Bring Innovation towards the Way Clinical Pathology Laboratory Specimens Are Collected and Transported

In just eight months, Iggbo claims to have 4, 000 phlebotomists participating and is now operating in 18 states Even as Uber and Lyft are bringing a new business model towards the taxicab business, a group of entrepreneurs within Virginia want to do the same thing to the phlebotomy services offered by clinical laboratories. Given that launching […] (Source: Dark Daily)

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Dec 01

Probably the most Celebrated, Mistrusted Little Pill on earth Two Old Friends Debate The Daily Drug That Could Revolutionize HIV Prevention

Longtime friends Peter Staley, left, and Sean Strub create for a portrait in Strub’s house in Milford, Pennsylvania. Truvada, the HIV preventive drug, sits available before them. (Photo by Damon Dahlen) Downtown Milford, population 1, 021, is a picturesque street encircled by forested hills. In the drop, sheafs of dried autumn hammer toe decorate the lampposts; pumpkins sit outside shops with wooden signs. Prominent AIDS activist Sean Strub first came to the Pennsylvania city in 1996, looking for a quiet place to recoup from his long and brutal illness. He’d begun a recently approved regimen of 16 pills a day — the most effective therapy for HIV ever discovered to that point. He acclimated nicely to Milford, planning for a future he hadn’t always thought he’d live to find out. He helped sta…

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Oct 28

Discover if a Phlebotomy Job Is Right For You

Phlebotomist Career Profile. Health Careers. (Source: About. possuindo Health Careers)

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Mar 31

March’s top stories: Novartis’ Phase III study, Boehringer’s Respimat trial

Novartis’ Phase III study of Jakavi met its primary endpoint of maintaining haematocrit control without the need for phlebotomy and reducing spleen size in patients with polycythemia vera resistant to or intolerant of hydroxyurea while Boehringer rep… (Source: Drug Development Technology)

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Mar 09

Novartis’ Phase III study of Jakavi in polycythemia vera meets principal endpoint

Novartis has announced that the Stage III study of Jakavi (ruxolitinib) has met its primary endpoint of maintaining haematocrit control (red blood cell volume) without the need pertaining to phlebotomy and reducing spleen size in patients with polycythemia ver… (Source: Drug Development Technology)

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Jan 30

Methods to donate blood for newbies plus needle-haters

I’ve been operating at the American Red Cross designed for nine months and 15 times, and during those nine a few months and 15 days, I’ve adamantly told myself I’m going to provide blood. Yet I haven’t due to the fact I, like so many others, prefer not to be poked in the equip with a needle. This serious, out-and-out, irrational, paranoid fear of needles is definitely exemplified in the two experiences along with shots below.
1 . The immunization shot. This shot was no big deal, I barely felt a pinch. Afterwards, while my mom had been chatting with the nurse, I was trying to get her attention. She kept regularly nudging me away thinking I used to be trying to interrupt her. No, I used to be only momentarily taking a pause to conveniently pass out!
2 . The intelligence teeth. I was making a big fuss of the whole thing, when the nurse pulled a…

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Dec 10

Combination to add telemed, mobile services in order to WellnessFX platform

WellnessFX, the supplier of blood management providers for consumers and a Web portal for phlebotomy laboratories, has been acquired by Health Elements, which provides wellness services, including mobile apps and online coaching, for people looking to get slimmer and fight chronic diseases, the businesses said Monday. They did not disclose financial terms of the deal. […] (Source: mobihealthnews)

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Jul 31

Inaugural Company Creates Robot To Draw Blood

BOSTON (CBS) – Would your own trust a machine to attract your blood?
A new venture company in California has created what’s considered to be the very first robot phlebotomist.
Veebot, the robot phlebotomist. (YouTube image courtesy: Veebot, spectrummag)
Veebot utilizes infrared light and image analysis to get the right problematic vein in your arm, ultrasound to verify the blood circulation in that vein and also robotics to insert a needle in it.
So just why would you utilize the machine instead of a individual, especially when Veebot requires a person to start the procedure?
Veebot LLC statements it’s all about decreasing human error and also, therefore , saving cash.
The firm believes their robot will eventually find the correct vein more frequently than a individual.
At this time, they say Veebot will find the best problematic vein to target regarding 83-percent of the time, repo…

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Jul 29

Veebot, the actual Robotic Phlebotomist Which makes Drawing Blood Quicker (VIDEO)

You will find two things that this editor fears about blood draws: the fact that he has deep blood vessels, and the potential customer of being stabbed within the arm by a merciless phlebotomist. Some of the fears could soon be mitigated, thanks to a new automatic robot called Veebot that partially automates blood draws and 4 insertions.
Veebot brings together the latest in robotics and imaging technology to ultimately speed up the drawing blood or inserting IVs. The sufferer slides his or her arm directly into an inflatable cuff, which behaves as a tourniquet. A good infrared light illuminates the interior elbow for a camera that looks for a suitable vein using software that compares the camera’ s view against a model of an arm’ s veins. Following, ultrasound confirms how the chosen vein provides sufficient blood flow for a successf…

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Jun 28

Notes from the Field: Occupationally Acquired Salmonella I 4,12:i:1,2 Infection in a Phlebotomist — Minnesota, January 2013

(Source: CDC Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report)

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