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“Five Rights of Laboratory Testing” Will end up a Hallmark of Lab Medication

Published: 04 7 2009

Here in Chi town at the huge HIMSS meeting, people are paying attention to lab testing

Dateline: Chicago, IL-Most physicians, nurses, as well as other healthcare workers are quite familiar with the particular “Five Rights of Medication. ” If one innovative healthcare firm is successful, soon all these folks will be equally familiar with the newly-articulated “Five Rights of Laboratory Testing, ” which emphasizes that e very patient is entitled to receive the proper benefits from laboratory testing.

Sunquest Information Systems, Inc has launched a campaign to promote the Five Legal rights of Laboratory Testing. The goal is to increase awareness among all of healthcare workers of the need to workout vigilance when ordering laboratory assessments and using laboratory test data in patient care decisions.

Like its equal in medication, the Five Legal rights of Laboratory Testing is a patient safety initiative. It is designed to contact attention to the patient’s right to possess every aspect of laboratory testing occur in an accurate, flawless manner. As described by Sunquest, the Five Legal rights of Laboratory Testing are:

  • ONE, the right lab test , performed on…
  • TWO, the right patient , at the…
  • THREE, right time , for the…
  • FOUR, right indications , leading to the…
  • FIVE, right diagnostic decision.

On the first day from the HIMSS (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society) conference here in Chi town this week, Sunquest took the wraps off its campaign to publicize and promote the Five Legal rights of Laboratory Testing. In a presentation about the Five Rights of Lab Testing to an audience that integrated senior hospital and health system administrators, the concepts and goals were received with enthusiasm.

There are many reasons to believe that the particular Five Rights of Laboratory Assessment can catch on and become a comparable guidepost for patient safety-just like the Five Rights of Medication. This increased attention and knowledge of laboratory testing across all of healthcare can be a positive boost for everyone just who works in clinical laboratories and anatomic pathology laboratories-from pathologists and Ph. D. s to healthcare technologists (MTs), clinical laboratory scientists (CLS), medical laboratory technicians and the many phlebotomists and couriers just who make up every laboratory’s team associated with skilled experts.

Your Dark Daily editor is here in Chicago to participate in these activities at HIMSS. Each year, HIMSS is among the nation’s biggest healthcare meetings and this year is no exception. More than nine hundred exhibitors and as many as twenty nine, 000 attendees are here along with a host of new information technology (IT) services and products are being showcased.

There are lots of innovative new things to see. Of course , EMR (electronic medical record) systems really are a hot topic right now because of the 20 dollars billion in federal funding pledged to encourage physicians to implement EMRs in their practices. Many businesses and providers are using information technology to enhance outcomes while lowering the cost for each healthcare encounter. For example , one major health corporation here at HIMSS is certainly showing a product designed to help hospitalists make rounds in the hospital. It combines a work flow perform with a clinical decision support capacity. Hospitals using beta versions of the product achieved a reduction in mortality associated with as much as 60% for extended periods!

Also, despite the worsening economic climate, optimism and energy at the HIMSS gathering was abundant. That’s probably because these are companies and people who believe their products and their services may help change healthcare for the better. They have got IT solutions that hospitals, wellness systems, physicians, and other providers may use to meet such challenges as declining reimbursement and more rigorous patient safety goals.

From that will perspective, introduction of the Five Legal rights of Laboratory Testing is a well-timed development for the laboratory medicine job. Should Sunquest succeed in promoting this particular into a widely-known catch phrase across all of healthcare, it is likely to cause a positive association for the benefits of lab testing.

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