Jul 01

Practical Product Reviews July 2016

Comfort and ease, Safety & Support
Fortunately, from the rare shift for many in EMS when you’re on your feet the whole time. Yet it’s all too common for us to get to deal with rugged terrains, rickety stairs and slippery surfaces. In order to work safely in these conditions, you must have footwear that offers comfort, protection and assistance. The new Side Zip Duty Boot from First Tactical has a broader forefoot that feels more like a good athletic shoe than a duty shoe, making them comfortable right out of the box. The boots are available in 6" and 8" heights and offer a amalgamated safety toe or a waterproof membrane layer lining as customizable options. VITALS
Height: 6" and 8"
Size: Regular, wide
Sizes: Men’s: 6-12, 13, 14, 15
Women’s: 5-10
Color: Black
Price: $79. 99-99. 99

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