Jan 30

Methods to donate blood for newbies plus needle-haters

I’ve been working at the American Red Combination for nine months and fifteen days, and during those 9 months and 15 days, I’ve adamantly told myself I’m likely to give blood. Yet I haven’t because I, like so many other people, prefer not to be poked in the arm with a needle. This serious, full-blown, irrational, paranoid fear of needles is exemplified in the two encounters with shots below.
1 . The immunization shot. This shot had been no big deal, I barely experienced a pinch. Afterwards, while my friend was chatting with the nurse, I used to be trying to get her attention. She held consistently nudging me away thinking I was trying to interrupt her. Simply no, I was only momentarily taking a pause to conveniently pass out!
2 . The wisdom teeth. I was making a huge fuss of the whole thing, when the doctor pulled a…

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