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Revolutionary Glasses Enable Clinical Lab Phlebotomists to discover Vasculature Through the Pores and skin

Published: October 1 2008

Brand new eyewear technology might make venipuncture easier regarding phlebotomists and increase individual satisfaction with that medical laboratory support

New-technology now makes it possible for they of a unique pair of glasses to detect hidden vasculature as well as changes in the bloodstream through the skin. Some experts predict that this innovative technology might be used by medical lab phlebotomists to improve the collection of blood—thus increasing patient satisfaction along with phlebotomy services.

Eyeglasses Technology Shows Serious Possibility of Medical Use

Produced by 2AI Labs, a company located in Boise, Florida, the glasses enhance fluctuations of oxygen levels in hemoglobin underneath the skin. The storyplot was reported in Technology Review.

The technology has important possible in a variety of medical applications, not the very least of which will be use in medical laboratory phlebotomy departments. The patented eyeglasses is reportedly in stage testing at two regional private hospitals.

Investigator and major biologist, Mark A. Changizi, Ph. N., is Director of Human being Cognition at 2AI Labs. Changizi’s research confirmed that the ability to see color developed so that primates could perceive these fluctuations involving oxygen in bloodstream hemoglobin. This was important because such fluctuations indicate important “social signals. ” These signals reveal advice about the emotional says, such as humiliation or anger.

Based on research the demonstrated that primates have evolved with the ability to visually recognized changes in the level of oxygen in blood hemoglobin, scientists at A21 Labs created eyeglasses that allow humans to see vasculature under the skin. The company is preparing a version of these eyeglasses that can be worn by clinical laboratory phlebotomists when they are drawing blood, hopefully in ways that improve the patient experience during such phlebotomy procedures. (Photo copyright A21 Labs.)

Based on research the shown that primates have developed having the ability to visually recognized modifications in our level of oxygen in bloodstream hemoglobin, scientists at kunne 2A1 Labs created eyeglasses that allow humans to view vasculature beneath the skin. The business is preparing an edition of these eyeglasses that can be put on by clinical lab phlebotomists when they are drawing blood, hopefully in ways that improve the patient experience throughout such phlebotomy processes. (Photo copyright laws 2A1 Labs. )

“[T]this individual human eye is specifically tuned to see bloodstream and the quantity of oxygen in bloodstream, right through the skin, ” Changizi wrote on his internet site. “Your eyes naturally see two types of color change due to variations inside your bloodstream: oxygenation and focus. (See O2Amp web site. ) O2Amp contact lenses perfect what the eye does naturally, by removing noise from your blood signal, giving a better view of people, their wellness, vitality, as well as frame of mind. ”

Here’s how Changizi describes his three different patented eyeglasses technologies on his website’s medical applications web page:

  • The Oxy-Iso isolates and improves perception of bloodstream oxygenation under the skin. This is useful for phlebotomists, nurses, and other medical personnel involved in medical procedures where perception involving vasculature is essential.
  • The Hemo-Iso isolates and improves perception of blood focus under the skin. This is useful for emergency departments, operating movies building, intensive treatment, and paramedics.
  • The Oxy-Amp amplifies perception involving health and emotion signals on the skin while keeping full perception of the natural globe. This is useful for medical procedures, urgent treatment, anesthesiology, surgical treatment, and also assessment as well as diagnosis.

According to the internet site, the glasses store for just below $300. A collection of the 3 different products expenses $847. Once purchased, the glasses can be utilized countless instances. Another benefit is that there are no consumables associated with each use.

Brand new Glasses Could Help Improve Lab Patient Satisfaction Scores

In recent times, individual surveys from businesses, such as Push Ganey Associates, confirmed that laboratory services rated very low in comparison to other clinical support categories measured. (See Dark Daily , “ Hospital Laboratories Pursue Higher Patient Satisfaction Scores with Revolutionary Services ”. ) This is largely due to the discomfort and also fear that many patients experience regarding the blood pulls. It was Dark Daily’s sister distribution, THE DARK REPORT, that first introduced this situation to the attention involving pathology and medical lab researchers. (See THE PARTICULAR DARK REPORT , “ Phlebotomy Is actually Closely Linked to Hospital Satisfaction Scores ”. )

To boost these low individual satisfaction scores, hospital and health system Entrepreneurs and administrators became much more open to investing in phlebotomy items. Their goal was to improve the phlebotomy experience regarding patients.

For this reason, recently several products to improve the phlebotomy encounter for patients have appeared on the market. This is important for suppliers, including medical pathology laboratories, simply because phlebotomy is closely linked to hospital patient satisfaction scores.

Pathologists as well as clinical laboratory managers may recognize the importance of for you to improve patient satisfaction in connection with lab procedures. They will also notice that products and processes that lessen patient distress during blood sample collection could translate into competitive edge in the market.

—Pamela Scherer McLeod

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