intervene needle InterVene Needle Prevents Accidental Pricks Medica 2008 conference in Düsseldorf is usually next week, but all sorts of companies are already showcasing their devices and technologies. InterVene Ltd. out of Staveley, UK provides announced that the company will be presenting towards the world its manually retractable hypodermic safety needle that goes on all kinds of commonly-used luer lock or luer slip syringes via an extrinsic attachment. Interestingly, despite this arrangement these devices has only 0. 03ml of dead space, “significantly less than the potential residual contents of the needle itself and well within the requirements from the International Standards Organisation (ISO) intended for deadspace, ” the company says. The business also proclaims that InterVene Protection Needle is “the world”s 1st manually retractable, hypodermic safety needle. ” But we are not 100% sure about that, to be frank.
Nonetheless, here are the features from the product page:

  • Cost-effective solution to reduce needlestick accidents
  • Quick and easy to use, varying little from standard practice
  • Fits commonly-used luer lock or luer slip syringes
  • Fingers need never move forward of the contaminated needle
  • Low angle of entry and auto-alignment of bevel during venepuncture [sic]
  • Single-handed operation possible throughout
  • Impossible to reuse after the safety feature has been activated
  • Complies with ISO requirements for deadspace
  • Suitable for intravenous, intramuscular and subcutaneous injection
  • Completely eliminates the probability of re-capping the needle cannula
  • Available in a variety of gauge sizes
  • safety needle InterVene Needle Prevents Accidental Pricks

    InterVene Safety Needle works particularly well with certain blood collection systems as a multi-sample needle.
    1 . Automatic bevel alignment speeds up the needle insertion process.
    2 . The needle’s offset design offers a very shallow angle of entry to the problematic vein reducing the risk of popping the problematic vein.
    3. The transparent cap of InterVene Safety Needle helps to ensure that flashback visualisation of blood is usually immediate.
    These features are designed to assist the phlebotomist whilst providing a safety needle and decreasing disposal costs.

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