Oct 31

Iron Homeostasis in Pregnancy, the Fetus, and the Neonate

The learn iron regulator, hepcidin, controls maternal-fetal iron metabolism. In the last trimester, fetal liver hepcidin normally signals to the mother to increase maternal iron assimilation sixfold to meet needs for fetal growth. Eighty percent of this placental-fetal iron transfer occurs during the last trimester, and preterm infants, without advantage of the third trimester of gestation, possess poorer fetal iron endowment. 50 percent of the iron needed for postnatal baby growth exists at normal phrase birth, but maternal conditions like diabetes, obesity, or placental dysfunction can disrupt iron supply, whilst postnatal phlebotomy volumes promote reduction and erythropoietic-stimulating agents increase requirement. Delayed umbilical cord clamping increases erythrocyte (and, thus, iron) endowment….

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