Dec 18

Mission Regional Medical Center Selects IntelliDOT As being a Key Component Of Its Bedside Patient Safety Initiative

San Diego, CA – IntelliDOT Corporation, a leading provider of wireless, handheld barcode point-of-care (BPOC) solutions to private hospitals, recently announced that Mission Regional Clinic, Mission, Texas, has selected IntelliDOT to help eliminate phlebotomy specimen collection errors at the bedside. The non-profit, 297-bed medical center, which provides general medical center services to the people of the Rio de janeiro Grande Valley, will begin installing IntelliDOT Phlebotomy Specimen Collection (IntelliDOT PSC) in the first quarter of 2009.

The IntelliDOT System is a best-of-breed wireless, workflow manager that connects caregivers using the information systems they need at the point-of-care. Designed by clinicians for clinicians, IntelliDOT PSC reduces the risk of specimen collection errors while reducing turnaround period using a lightweight 8-ounce handheld device. The IntelliDOT System satisfies Joint Commission standards for patient identification, helps hospitals meet Clinical Lab Improvement Amendment (CLIA) requirements, and reduces pre-analytical errors that could result in duplicate tests, misdiagnosis, unnecessary methods or delays in treatment. The device can also be seamlessly integrated with IntelliDOT’s medication safety solution and url to any host hospital information system with inbound interfaces to transfer admission, discharge, and transfer (ADT) and laboratory order information, or even outbound to populate the hospital’s electronic medical records (EMR).

According to Laboratory Movie director Carlos Gonzalez, Mission Regional wanted a way to increase efficiencies for its group of phlebotomists, especially for STAT! selections and redraws. Currently Mission Regional phlebotomists perform more than 16, 000 specimen collections per month. However , the pre-printed label-based process has become increasingly challenging, especially since the hospital’s overhead paging system was limited regarding Hospital Emergency Response Codes because of the Mission Regional Medical Center “Quiet Program. ”

“Currently, orders print out in the lab region. When a phlebotomist comes down from one of the floors they can get frustrated in the event that there are orders waiting for patients which are on the floors they had just been on, ” said Gonzalez. “My biggest challenge or concern is how to get information to our phlebotomists which are already out collecting in the patient care areas. ”

With the IntelliDOT System, phlebotomists will receive STAT! alerts over the wireless IntelliDOT handheld device while still in the nursing unit, eliminating the need for repeated trips to the laboratory to pick up printed labels.

Another key issue regarding Mr. Gonzalez is whether phlebotomists are following the hospital and laboratory guidelines and procedures for identification and collection. “We have been concerned, yet never had any real evidence or report that the National Patient Safety Goals (patient identifiers) are not being followed as outlined in our policies and procedure reviews, inch said Gonzalez. “I believe IntelliDOT will resolve this issue. ”

Mr. Gonzalez is also hopeful that IntelliDOT PSC can help with blood draws for transfusions. “We have a blood bank policy that our phlebotomists can only draw from your person that is having the transfusion. As soon as that has been completed, they must bring the specimen back down to the lab immediately to avoid any kind of mislabeling, even if the phlebotomist offers other orders on that same floor. So we are hoping IntelliDOT will streamline this process and perhaps conserve 60-70 percent of someone’s period, ” said Mr. Gonzalez.

“IntelliDOT PSC may be the easiest, surest way to prevent lab specimen errors, which could otherwise result in incorrect or inaccurate results, inch said Dave Swenson, co-founder and chief clinical officer of IntelliDOT Corporation. “Hospitals using IntelliDOT PSC have found that the system helps reduce costs by eliminating repeat tests and unneeded procedures, not to mention the physical and emotional stress on the patient. We have been delighted that Mission Regional Clinic has selected IntelliDOT. ”

SOURCE: IntelliDOT Corporation

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