Mar 09

Ottawa Regional Hospital & Healthcare Center Moves to a Single Solution for Bedroom Patient Safety with IntelliDOT

IntelliDOT Corporation, a leading provider of handheld, barcode point-of-care (BPOC) solutions to hospitals, today announced that Ottawa Regional Hospital & Health care Center, Ottawa, Ill., has selected IntelliDOT as its Barcode Point-of-Care (BPOC) provider to improve bedside patient protection. The hospital has already implemented IntelliDOT Bedroom Medication Administration, IntelliDOT Vital Signals Collection, and IntelliDOT Phlebotomy Example of beauty Collection and plans to implement IntelliDOT Blood Product Administration in the near future.

“Ottawa Regional Medical center & Healthcare Center is having a leadership role among regional hospitals in adopting the full spectrum associated with BPOC solutions to enhance patient protection from the pharmacy, to the lab, to the blood bank, and to the patient’s bedside, ” said Thomas G. Klopack, president and CEO associated with IntelliDOT. “IntelliDOT is proud to be Ottawa Regional’s BPOC vendor of preference. ”

“The whole idea of adopting the IntelliDOT System is to try to remove human error and maintain patients safer, ” said Paul Holverson, R. Ph., pharmacy director at Ottawa Regional Hospital & Healthcare Center. “As long as the nurse follows the alerts within the IntelliDOT System, we can eliminate the chance of patients receiving the wrong drug. inch

Ottawa Regional needed a BPOC system that did not rely on computers on wheels or connected handhelds. An added benefit to selecting the IntelliDOT System is that it supplied a full spectrum of patient protection checks on a single, handheld device.

“With medication administration, vital signs collection and phlebotomy example of beauty collection functions in one system, our nurses have to carry only one handheld unit, ” said John Maynard, Director of Information Systems at Ottawa Regional. “Plus, the IntelliDOT System is wireless, so the nurses no longer have to export and import data via a remote jack. ”

Ottawa Regional engaged Iatric Techniques Inc., a company that creates interfaces to MEDITECH Hospital Information Techniques (HIS), to deploy a bidirectional interface between the IntelliDOT System as well as the MEDITECH Magic HIS. Medication orders are entered into the MEDITECH pharmacy system and transmitted to the IntelliDOT System, where they appear on the particular electronic Medication Administration Record (eMAR) and on the nurse’s handheld. Following the nurse scans the patient’s wristband and medication with the IntelliDOT handheld, that data automatically populates the particular IntelliDOT eMAR and flows to the MEDITECH patient care module. Iatric Systems also built an user interface for the IntelliDOT Vital Signs Selection and Phlebotomy Specimen Collection modules.

“We have used Iatric Systems for interface projects in the past and had a very good experience with them, inch said Maynard. “They have interfaced the IntelliDOT System with MEDITECH systems before, so they didn’t have to build a new interface and we got a faster turnaround. Also, we all found the cost of Iatric Systems’ interfaces to be significantly less than MEDITECH’s. Overall, everything went very well with the IntelliDOT implementation. ”

The particular IntelliDOT System is a best-of-breed wi-fi, workflow manager that connects caregivers with the information systems they need at the point-of-care. Designed by nurses for nurses, the IntelliDOT System enables doctors to perform safety checks and securely administer and document medications at the bedside using a lightweight, handheld gadget. The IntelliDOT System satisfies Mutual Commission standards for patient identification and assures accuracy by confirming the five rights of medication administration: right medication, right dose, right route, right patient, right time; as well as ensuring required followup documentation, such as pain scale, is performed in a timely manner and accurately recorded.

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