Jul 12

Phlebotomist in Portsmouth, NH at Phlebotek (Portsmouth, New Hampshire)

Phlebotek Phlebotomy Staffing requirementws, the biggest phlebotomy staffing agency in the nation, is searching for Phlebotomists and healthcare assistants in Portsmouth, NH.

Phlebotek receives phlebotomy and medical associate employment requests from doctors offices, hostipal wards, clinics, blood banks, laboratories and also health screening companies.

Phlebotomy and also Medical requests can vary from a almost instantly to full time.

We provide these businesses: volunteer, temporary, part time and also full time Phlebotomists and also Medical Assistants.

Phlebotek is searching for experienced, reliable and amazing Phlebotomists in the entire State of New Hampshire, especially in the Portsmouth region. If you do not live inside an hour associated with Portsmouth, we recommend applying directly on the Phlebotek site.

We could offer you versatile schedules, great spend and rewarding phlebotomy or medical assistant job encounter.

If you are an Phlebotomist or medical assistant seeking to expand your career, apply with Phlebotek nowadays.

After applying, we will contact you about jobs in your area, that you are qualified with regard to.

The only guaranteed way to ensure we have received your application is by applying directly on the particular Phlebotek website. After applying please call us at 224-400-6051

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