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Reminding Surgical Staff Associated with Phlebotomy Costs Seems to Affect Usage

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Article Date: 19 May 2010 – 9: 00 PDT
Surgical house staff and going to physicians who are reminded about the charges with regard to ordering daily blood drawing for routine blood function appear to reduce the amount of program blood tests ordered and also the charges for those laboratory tests, according to a report in the May issue associated with Archives of Surgery , among the JAMA/Archives publications.

“The use of laboratory tests has been rapidly increasing in the last few years to the point where phlebotomy is really a substantial proportion associated with hospital expenditure, and far of it is unwarranted, ” state the authors. Since background, they be aware that some institutions have got modified computer systems to limit the opportunity with regard to clinicians to order unnecessary tests. They also point to other studies associating these procedures with cost savings and no adverse effects upon readmission rates, move to the intensive care unit, length of stay, determines, or mortality.

Elizabeth A. Stuebing, M. M., M. P. They would., of the University of Ohio, and Thomas J. Miner, M. M., from Brown University in Providence, Ur. I., conducted a study at a Rhode Island Hospital. For nonintensive care unit patients among 3 general surgical companies, the authors obtained daily phlebotomy data, as well as associated charges for these tests, and calculated the total amount spent on bloodstream draws and laboratory tests per patient as well as a entire. The researchers then made a weekly announcement, for 11 weeks, to surgical house staff and attending physicians about total charges as well as charges for each patient per day averaged over the previous 7 days.

The particular baseline per-patient daily charges were calculated since $147. 73, to have an initial total associated with $36, 875 charged per week for program laboratory tests, such as blood counts and biochemistry panels. Throughout the intervention, the cheapest per-patient every day phlebotomy charge had been $108. eleven, a loss of 27 percent from baseline, and also the lowest overall every week charge had been $25, 311. At the end of the actual 11-week study period, the researchers computed that $54, 967 have been saved. The only two weeks in which charges increased to a great extent from prior week had been the same times in which interns rotated in and out of the unit.

The particular authors reported that the intervention was prosperous and the costs associated with implementing it were minimal. “We focused on simply providing the actual economic implications of careless ordering habits, particularly regarding phlebotomy, ” they compose. “This study effectively showed that without even technical and time consuming interventions, test ordering behavior can be greatly reduced by making healthcare providers conscious of costs. ”

Arch Surg. 2010; 146[5]: 524-527. neurology / neuroscience section for the latest news on this subject.

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