May 11

7th Sense Biosystems Protect $4. 5 Million of Two-Tranche $10 Million Extension of its Collection A Funding

Money to be Used to Advance the Company’s Transformative Touch Triggered Phlebotomy™ Technology System

CAMBRIDGE, Bulk. –(Healthcare Product sales & Marketing and advertising Network)– Seventh Feeling Biosystems, Inc., an organization redefining blood sample and health diagnostics using its proprietary Touch Triggered Phlebotomy™ (TAP) technology platform, announced today that it has secured $4. 5 million of a two-tranche 10 dollars million extension of Series A financing. The funds raised from existing traders, Flagship Ventures, Polaris Venture Partners and Third Rock Ventures, can be used to progress development of the TAP platform, which enables one-step blood collection in a safe, painless and convenient way.

“We believe the company’s proprietary technologies is truly disruptive as well as represents a transformative platform for the health analysis industry, ” said Alan Crane, Common Partner, Polaris Endeavor Partners. “As this kind of, we are extremely pleased to continue to support the company’s advancement of the first and only system being developed to address current deficiencies in the blood collection process, making blood collection safer, more efficient and pain and ache free. As development continues, Seventh Feeling will continue to progress its platform abilities and seek ways to maximize the global reach of future products. ”

Regarding Touch Triggered Phlebotomy™

7th Sense Biosystems’ proprietary Contact Activated Phlebotomy (TAP) technologies platform enables one-step blood collection in a safe, painless and convenient manner. The TAP system penetrates the uppermost layers of skin as well as uses a proprietary microfluidic extraction process to transfer blood into a collection reservoir regarding analysis. TAP’s special and intuitive design can be integrated into a broad range of products across a broad spectrum of analysis programs.

Regarding Seventh Feeling Biosystems, Inc.

7th Sense Biosystems is redefining diagnostics and health monitoring by dramatically improving how blood is sampled as well as tested. The work proprietary Touch Triggered Phlebotomy™ (TAP) technology platform is being developed to eliminate the discomfort, inconvenience and professional intervention associated with traditional blood sample collection. Drawn through a pain-free, one-step process through anyone, anywhere, anytime, blood samples collected with TAP can be utilized throughout a broad spectrum of diagnostic programs. TAP’s common, scalable design takes the potential not to only expand the reach and effectiveness of blood collection to hard-to-sample populations, but additionally to improve the protection and ease of collection for everyone patients. Launched in 2008, 7th Sense Biosystems is supported by top-tier investors such as Flagship Ventures, Polaris Venture Partners and Third Rock Ventures. To learn more, please visit www.7sbio.com.

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