Jul 31

Inaugural Company Creates Robot To Draw Blood

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BOSTON (CBS) – Would your own trust a machine to attract your blood?
The startup company in the state of california has created what is believed to be the very first robot phlebotomist.
Veebot, the robot phlebotomist. (YouTube image courtesy: Veebot, spectrummag)
Veebot utilizes infrared light and image analysis to get the right problematic vein in your arm, ultrasound to verify the blood circulation in that vein and also robotics to insert a needle in it.
So just why would you utilize the machine instead of a individual profile, especially when Veebot requires a person to start the procedure?
Veebot LLC statements it’s all about decreasing human error and also, therefore , saving cash.

The firm believes their robot will eventually find the correct vein more frequently than a individual.
At this time, they say Veebot will find the best problematic vein to target regarding 83-percent of the time, reportedly as good as a skilled technician.
However the founders plan to boost the current acceptance rate to 90-percent before starting clinical trials.
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“It has advantages when a better skill is not available or perhaps situations where you are concerned about the health professional having contact with the patients, like patients who are in isolation due to infectious disease processes, ” Stuart Harris, Managing Partner at Veebot informed WBZ NewsRadio 1030 Wednesday.
What exactly do you consider?
Would you try this or stick with our phlebotomist?
Talk about your thoughts within the comment section below.

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