govt jobs in Haryana

There is a Need to Revise the Regulation Referred in the Constitution

Getting a govt job in Haryana is very tough, it not only requires qualification but it also takes much time. Haryana government jobs are just a dream for the aspirants. So if you are a degree holder applying for a post, then you will have to wait at least for one year to clear the exams and procedures. In Haryana, the minister demands reservation on economic status and state that nobody can take Haryana state for ransom. Similarly, it is the time for the government to review and amend its policy on the reservation. The best way to make justice and face the present situation is to connect the future reservation seats for not only upper caste but also for OBCs. Reservation should be given on the basis of backwardness of a specific division is the correct step. Obviously, in our constitution reservation is entirely based on the caste and no matter what the economic conditions are concerned.  So this could make changes on the livelihood of upper caste poor classes.

Haryana government job reservation should benefit only the poor and neediest people, not for people who live in comfort zone. In India, people who are social, economically, and mentally backward will really find difficult to enter into an open competition. This is the main reason why reservation was introduced. Reservation assists backward people to involve in education and government jobs that help in the development of our country. Each and every candidate should be able to get equal opportunities to seize a seat. Many times deserving candidates of general caste find tough to get a seat due to the caste-based reservation. Government jobs in Haryana system are totally based on caste reservation that offers exciting opportunities to backward class people but general caste people suffer by getting only a few seats. If reservation system ends, ever class people of the community can approach for government jobs.

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