Robotic Phlebotomist Veebot, the Robotic Phlebotomist That Makes Drawing Blood Faster (VIDEO)
You will find two things that this editor fears about blood draws: the fact that he has deep blood vessels, and the potential customer of being stabbed within the arm by a merciless phlebotomist. Some of the fears could soon be mitigated, thanks to a new automatic robot called Veebot that partially automates blood draws and 4 insertions.

Veebot brings together the latest in robotics and imaging technology to ultimately speed up the drawing blood or inserting IVs. The sufferer slides his or her arm directly into an inflatable cuff, which behaves as a tourniquet. A good infrared light illuminates the interior elbow for a camera that looks for a suitable vein using software that compares the camera’s view against a model of an arm’s blood vessels. Following, ultrasound confirms how the chosen vein provides sufficient blood flow for a successful blood pull. Finally, the actual robotic arm aligns itself with the chosen vein and inserts the hook.

The whole process takes about one minute, and assessments of the Veebot show that it can correctly identify the best vein with approximately 83% precision, which is about as good as the human phlebotomist. And, all that our phlebotomist, which still has employment, has to do is load the test tube or IV bag, safely disinfect the arm and clean your puncture afterwards, and perhaps offer the “this will stick the little” warning to anxious patients.

Veebot should hopefully offer several reassurances to those along with tricky veins, however entrusting your arm into a robot wielding a large needle is really a whole other problem.

Article from IEEE Spectrum : Profile: Veebot…

More information: Veebot website…

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