Mar 07

What is a Phlebotomist

Question: What is a Phlebotomist
What does a phlebotomist do, how do you become one, and what jobs are available for phlebotomists?
Answer: Phlebotomists are medical professionals who draw blood from patients for various lab tests and procedures. Nurses also commonly perform phlebotomy, and hospitals and medical offices will often hire additional staff who are trained in phlebotomy.

A high school graduate or college student could take a course at a local technical or vocational school and learn phlebotomy. If you’re not trained or qualified in any other nursing skills, compensation may be limited, (probably around $7.00-9.00 per hour, approximately).

Many professionals who plan to become a nurse or a doctor often start out by working in a medical office or hospital as a phlebotomist. Because phlebotomy entails a fairly short training period, and because phlebotomist jobs are relatively easy to find and obtain, phlebotomy is a great way for someone to try out the medical profession. Jobs for phlebotomists are available at hospitals, medical offices, and clinics.

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